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Vegan Personal Chef for hire

Well versed in family-friendly comfort foods & re-creating all the non-vegan meals you love!

I’ve been cooking vegan delights for my own family for over ten years and understand that while we love being vegan, not everyone wants wheat grass stir-fry or quinoa crouquettes. My experience and knowledge translates into delicious, compassionate cuisine for you!

From luscious lasagne, hearty stews, barbequed seitan, red beans and rice, savory dinner pies, pizzas, pot roasts (yes, pot roasts!) risottos, to fresh soups, bright rice bowls, frittatas and quiches; juicy salads, roasted veggies, and all the fixings and side dishes you could possibly want. I will work with you to customize your menus. I am experienced in preparing many different kinds of cuisines and can even take a look at your old family favourites to see if they can be recreated vegan-style. I also understand the intricacies and specifics of special food sensitivies or allergies and can work with them all. From down home soul food to downright gourmet, the meals I create will please your palate.

Imagine coming home to a warm meal in the oven, or choosing from several different meals packaged up neatly in your refrigerator or freezer, just waiting to be reheated. You can arrange for daily, weekly or monthly visits to your kitchen and it will be left as clean as before I arrived. It takes all the guesswork out of your mealtimes, and you don’t even have to do the shopping!

Prices are based on actual grocery costs + a flat fee of per person being fed, depending on number of courses and side dishes. Further additions, like soup or dessert, are available for an extra fee. There are price reductions if you order a week or more worth of freezable entrees at a time and provide your own salads and sides.

Ingredients are locally sourced whenever possible, as your chef is also a vendor with the popular Vancouver Farmer’s Markets. Your meals will always be fresh and nutritious!

Imagine the time and energy you’ll save each week– up to ten hours a week if you account for shopping, cooking, and clean-up, time that is better spent with your friends & family. As a busy self-employed mom and wife, I understand that those hours are precious.

I am also available to prepare amazing meals in your home for private events and dinner parties.

If you'd like to discuss anything written about here, with no obligation, just send an email to, for some sample menus and price quotes. I look forward to working with you!

Oh, and while I'm here, I should mention that VeganMania is back for another fantastic summer season at the farmers markets starting in July. Come on out for all your old favourites and some new additions. And join the Facebook Group or follow VeganMania on Twitter.
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