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"Don't speak too loudly, you'll disturb my watching the television," says my father in subtle words. "Don't love me so much," says my absent-eyed lover, in almost-verbatim words. "Don't let on that you're not all in one piece," says this new, deeper voice in my head (is she me? She must be, she must be.) "Don't cry so hard," I say to myself, after letting my PMS-infused nearlymessybreakup get to me (only once, only once.) "Don't worry so much," says the world, that's falling to pieces (how many died today, Mister Bush? Oh wait!--you're on vacation! Sorry to bother you!)
"Don't let them get to you," say my haphazard dreams, filled with martial arts and semi-precious gifts. "Don't let them bring you down."

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Then I came to, the moment breaking into consciousness. I walked back to my house, all speculation absent from my mind. Once again I listened to the lonely noise of scratching gravel accompanied by the creaking of a rusty gate.
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