FreakyCat (freakykitten) wrote in vancouvervegs,

New Vegan Restaurant in March!

Last night my little family was walking on Broadway near Cambie (we'd just had dinner at Sha Lin Noodle House - have you been there? they do some nice vegan foods, and even make sure to ask if you want veggie broth or chicken broth when you order soup - and my kid loves watching them hand make the noodles and dumplings), when we saw, just a few doors away from Sha Lin, a new VEGAN restaurant is opening!!!

I guess they're opening in March - I stuck my head in and they didn't mind stopping and talking to us for a minute - apparently they will be all vegan, and not only have a few asian-style dishes (their words), but also have stuff like "fish" and chips, and hamburgers, and pizza, and they'll be using daiya cheese.

I'm so excited!

I think it was called... the Loving Spoonful? Or something. Possibly the Loving Hut, but the menus of the other Loving Huts I've seen around North America aren't the same as what this guy was telling me. There is a place called the Loving Spoonful in Tucson that is 100% vegan...

It was Lovin'... something, anyway. I apologize for my bad memory.

Anyway, heads up, folks, there's a new restaurant a coming!
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