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Benefit for Hearts on Noses Pig Sanctuary

Hey, Vancouver Vegs!

Did you know there's going to be a really awesome fundraiser for Hearts on Noses Pig Sanctuary next weekend? That's right! It's being held in the super cool all-vegan shoppe Karmavore in New Westminster. When you buy your ticket, not only will you be helping out a fantastic organization, you'll get to meet Sarah Kramer (author of several popular vegan cookbooks), eat delicious vegan food, and you'll bring home a fabulous, swanky, wonderful, flashy 2010 Go Vegan! Calendar, autographed by Ms. Kramer herself! Be the envy of all your friends!

The Hearts on Noses sanctuary is run on a tight shoe string budget and depends entirely on donations to help take in and care for abandoned pot-bellied pigs. It's especially in need right now as they've had to move their facility this month, which has been expensive and time-consuming. Pot-bellied pigs are very sweet, clever creatures and often adopted by people who have NO IDEA what they are getting themselves into until it's too late. Unfortunately it's the pigs that suffer in these circumstances. Hearts on Noses strives to educate the public about all that's involved in raising pot-bellied pigs, and to provide abandoned/surrendered pigs the chance to have a comfortable, safe and healthy life.

Go to this page to check out all the details and buy your tickets! You don't wanna miss this!
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