zaftigvegan (zaftigvegan) wrote in vancouvervegs,

desperately seeking...

hey fellow vancouver veggies...

i need to secure a line on some powdered soy milk or powdered rice milk. this is not the same thing as soy flour or rice flour. any ideas? i live in surrey and i've checked all the likely spots here and in new west and burnaby but was hoping some of you lovelies would have a solid source you could recommend to me to save me some time/energy calling or running around.

also looking for a reliable source of organic/spray-free edible flowers. i heard a rumour urban fare carries them from a local greenhouse but they haven't gotten back to me about what varieties are in stock right now, if any. may have to check out the main street farmers market on wedneday! (

thanks in advance for any tips you can give me in my quest!
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I got some soymilk powder at Drive Organics around Christmas. It's Westpoint Naturals brand. I'd be surprised if Famous Foods didn't it too but I'm not promising.

As for edible flowers at Urban Fare, they usually have some with their packaged herbs, I think they're mostly nasturtiums but they're unreliably stocked and kind of expensive.
that's great - thanks! i was going to look in drive organics tomorrow anyway so it's good to know someone else has had success there.

thanks also for the urban fare confirmation. appreciate it all!
i thought Barnston Island herbs did edible flowers but i checked their site and it's not helpful.
heh - that's the trouble i've been finding all around my research! thanks, though. xo